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World’s first comprehensive Math Lab for Schools

EduMEasy is a start-up by a group of IITians inclined to solve the difficulty in understanding abstract mathematical concepts via visualization & experimentation. Our aim is to provide a one-stop solution for students to understand and apply mathematical concepts in real-time. Our approach is to make math interesting, visual, and interactive by combining theory, applications, and experiments. The impact of our work will be felt when there is no Math phobia among the students. The idea of EduMEasy is simple: by setting up real-life situations, we can let students explore mathematical concepts at their own pace & at their own place. In an age where kids are hooked on playing games, we believe that math should be fun for all. So EduMEasy is here to solve this problem with its Math Lab for Schools to establish Math Lab in Schools. With the help of this platform, students can unlock their knowledge about mathematical concepts, which otherwise may have remained locked or inaccessible at their fingertips due to a lack of proper understanding of them. 

EduMEasy also brings DIY (Do It Yourself) Math Kit for children to learn Math with fun & Joy.

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Maths Lab Equipment

Not only geometry, not only mensuration but we decided to create math lab experiment equipment even for algebra, number systems, trigonometry, and for any other topic of math at the school level.


The biggest challenge in learning algebra is understanding the operations such as addition & subtraction.


A positive or a negative outcome is always a problem in using operations between numbers is Number Operator.


How is whole divided into fractions? How different fractions are combined to get whole?


Are two linear equations always solvable? If they are, is the solution unique? this will solve by Equation Solver.


Bothered about understating the statements and proofs of theorems! No worries.


The basis of coordinate geometry is the coordinate system.  basis of coordinate geometry is the coordinate system.


It starts and ends at the same point. The circle is one of the most beautiful geometrical figure.


Measurement of area and volume of solids is one of the most interesting exercises.

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching

By EduMEasy Math Learning Program with Lab design

Manuals of Math Lab

“Complete Guide for Teachers about Math Lab for School, Chapter wise as per syllabus“

Client Testimonials​

Teaching and learning Math is made practically easy, teachers are empowered and children are getting rid of their Math phobia. The real 'learning-by-doing' approach is helping students understand the complexities and abstractness of Mathematics. Moreover the concern and support of the team 'EduMeasy' is worth appreciating.
Manisha Lashkari​
Principal, Smart Study International School - Rajsamand
I have only gone through physics, chemistry and biological lab, mathematics had no lab only books when we saw this lab had practical implications. Almost 50% of students are afraid of maths. Math is the most scoring subject in competitive exam like JEE. But better score can only be secured with the help of best faculty which is practically not possible in most of the cases. These 7 equipment will act as a faculty for math to help students score better and understand deep concepts in easy manner.​
Tilkesh Bhatiya​
Director, SSIS International School - Nathdwara
Here is what he feels about the Math Lab - I am thrilled to see this type of equipment which is expected from IITians only and will help students to learn math in a better and Joyful manner.
Nitin Bhargav
HOD, Tagore international School
We strongly feel these equipment will bring revolution in the field of Mathematics from 6th -10 th class. It helps to visualise a concept of mathematics by understanding the concepts and also makes learning a very very fun field.
edumeasy math lab india
Centre of New Education
Here is what she expressed about the Math Lab - These equipments are going to make my Job easy and more result Oriented and students are going to love these equipment so they will be able to understand math easily. Last but not the least the equipment is very useful and colourful too . Concepts and colours both matter.
Jagriti Arora
Faculty of Mathematics, Kudos International School - Bundi
As a struggling math student, I was hesitant to seek help, but the math lab is a game-changer for me. The lab offers a variety of resources, including lab equipment, Manuals (in Hindi & English), and support, which have helped me grasp difficult concepts and improve my problem-solving skills.
chinmay-pandya edumeasy math diy kit
Dr. Chinmay Pandya Ji
Pro VC of Devsanskriti Vishvavidyalaya

Edumeasy Clients

Maths Lab Equipments Suppliers in India

As we all know that everyone knows about only physics, chemistry, and biological lab, but EduMEasy has developed the Math Lab for students, In this, students will teach math with practical. EduMEasy Math Lab for School has a delightful workshop or activity for every student who faces difficulty in Math and this adds surplus to the studies and also will have a remarkable impact on the learning experience of thousands of students.

It helps to visualize a concept of mathematics by understanding the concepts and makes learning easy. Almost 50% of students are afraid of maths. Math is the most scoring subject in competitive exams. But a better score can only be secured with the help of the best faculty which is practically impossible in most cases. Keeping these things in mind, EduMEasy has made the equipment for Maths Lab which will help students to learn math in a better and more joyful manner.

This equipment is going to make math easy and more results Oriented and students are going to love this equipment so they will be able to understand math easily. This equipment is very useful and colorful too. Concepts and colors both matter. This Math Lab developed by IITians will bring revolution to the field of Math. Available Math Lab equipment from 6th to 10th class. So contact the team for more information to Book a Demo of the Math Lab.